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just saw a guy take a selfie with the Dalai Lama. or a selfless as the lama calls it. — Kirk Fox (@kirkfox) July 15, 2015 Just a few quick clicks. The Dalai Lama was chosen at two. Seems young. If you’re going to choose your leader wait till he has at least hit puberty […] [ Read More → ]

july 12. 2015 brain stretch

I just pulled a muscle. Luckily it wasn't mine. — Kirk Fox (@kirkfox) July 13, 2015 Let me just put a few words on this wall. Let me just say I really like when you swing by to read a few words. I give you my time and you give me yours. It’s fair trade. […] [ Read More → ]

brain stretch 4.6.15

when a vegan gets t-boned in a traffic accident it sure must add insult to injury. — Kirk Fox (@kirkfox) July 3, 2015 I’m always amazed at home many vegans attack a vegan joke. I always feel they would be nicer with a burger in their system. Do I really have a problem with vegans? […] [ Read More → ]