I added a photo. It’s not often I insert a photo into anything. This was a fun night at the comedy store. We told jokes and then hung out in the green room. I guess it’s the green room. Not much green in it. Owen Smith, Ron White, myself, and Joe Rogan. Three of my […] [ Read More → ]

arranging words 12.19.16

hi. my name is kirk fox. i’m going to hook a few words together in no particular order. i saw a big cat this morning. it was in the distance so I’m still not sure if it was a house cat or a cat that likes to eat Beagles. as far as dogs go I […] [ Read More → ]

life 12.13.16

just a man reaching out to the world. a simple nudge toward world peace. [ Read More → ]

turkey day looms. I’m Kirk Fox.

just a few thanksgiving tips. only sociopaths would eat a turkey sandwich today. avoid anyone you see eating one or thinking about ordering one. that might be enough for today. i hope everyone is doing well. i haven’t heard my fingers tap tap these keys in awhile. i’ve been working on my golf game. i […] [ Read More → ]



this is what’s on my mind. i sit at my desk. a candle dances next to me. i bought two pieces of furniture that now protect my desk. i guess i will take a photo. i have to tell some jokes tonight at the comedy store in hollywood california. i have to be onstage at […] [ Read More → ]