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brain stretch 1.20.16

let us stretch out a few fingers. hope all is well withe the eyes that occasionally peruse these internet walls. i can actually give real information today. rush hour will be on television march 31, 2016 at 10pm on CBS. that is believe is a thursday. i think if you look closely i might be […] [ Read More → ]

brain stretch 1.14.16

have i not really clicked these keys in this new year? well I better say something. i could always mention that Rush Hour will be on thursday nights at 10pm on CBS starting march 31. that’s something. I’m going to play tennis shortly. not sure how my shoulder will fare. i really think there is […] [ Read More → ]

brain stretch 12.24.15

My last girlfriend was 5'2". Unfortunately there's no height requirement for an emotional roller coaster. — Kirk Fox (@kirkfox) December 18, 2015 this is an important post for me. i will tell you why. because i learned recently that the traffic to my site may have been mostly robots. no one wants to hear that. […] [ Read More → ]