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brain stretch 11/25/15

The only product that should ever be tested on animals is A.1. Steak Sauce. — Kirk Fox (@kirkfox) November 24, 2015 i’m often asked, “who are you?” who is anybody? I’m just a man trying to do the right stuff. what’s the right stuff? i’d say it’s trying not to hurt people or myself. i […] [ Read More → ]

brain stretch november 20, 2015

this is definitely a brain stretch. i found a few words that i clearly wrote to myself a few weeks ago. i will now insert them into this post and then quickly discuss. it’s funny to me. i was starting a book. i’ve started it before. it’s called “everything i know.” 1. finish something. Anything. […] [ Read More → ]

kirk fox stretches his brain 11.19.15

this will be a success. i only say that, which is a bold statement, because the last two attempts at the brain stretch were in vain. i started them and didn’t like the direction the stretch was headed to i moved it to the trash. simple. i didn’t want the words making it to the […] [ Read More → ]