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brain stretch october 13, 2015

Bras seem to be getting more complicated. Last night I came across one that required a CAPTCHA to unhook. — Kirk Fox (@kirkfox) October 6, 2015 we may be onto something. or is it maybe? this is what I battle with. i know i need to let the fingers fly free. but even the first […] [ Read More → ]

brain stretch october 12, 2015

It's hard for me to ignore anything discarded that includes the remote. pic.twitter.com/yV9KQlDdc0 — Kirk Fox (@kirkfox) October 11, 2015 time to pour out a few words. thanks for swinging by. current status, I’m actually a little tired. i woke up this morning at 6am instead of 9am. i must first apologize to all those […] [ Read More → ]

brain stretch october 9, 2015

I came home early tonight because I didn't like the way the t-shirt i was wearing felt. Also seemed a bit short. I'm kirk fox. Thank you. — Kirk Fox (@kirkfox) October 9, 2015 it’s friday. here are a few thoughts for the world. this to me is simply standing on the edge of a […] [ Read More → ]