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I often say I have sharp edges and I’m also rusting. This should be known in case anyone wants to engage in combat with me. you will be cut and you’re also at risk of infection. Wolverine is a pretty good fighter. Foxerine is also a pretty decent scrapper. The dangers of having metal claws […] [ Read More → ]

is a title important?

would someone stop reading if the title wasn’t? if you have made it this far I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter what the title of a post really is. good morning. it’s friday may 8, 2015. i’m in hollywood, california. what is on my mind today? good question. today i have a feeling I will […] [ Read More → ]

connecting scraps

I opened a drawer and found my past. scraps of paper. photos. a couple postcards to my mother from 1987. a day runner from 2008. I flipped through dates and then like a detective I pieced together a memory. a night onstage that is always in my mind. September 12, 2008. A fifteen minute set […] [ Read More → ]