i was told they’d been trying to get a picture of me smiling onstage for years. I appear to be actually laughing. not sure what it says about a comedian who rarely cracks a smile onstage. i think I smile internally. i’m not sure why I was smiling but it looks legitimate. i don’t think […] [ Read More → ]



you have to run over a nail just right to have it penetrate the rubber. i didn’t know I had run over a nail. driving to tennis today I saw a warning light I’d never seen in my dash and some wording. The words were gone before I had the time to read them. i […] [ Read More → ]

broken ears


the picture above these words means a lot to me. i think i made this monster when i was in the sixth grade. how old is that? 12 maybe. seems old. maybe i made it when i was 10. elementary school. i’ve had it since the day I formed the clay, put it into the […] [ Read More → ]


so it begins. a few words. i really wish i knew who actually angles their eyes at these posts. the internet is such a cluster fuck. sometimes i think there are millions and then I realize they are all robots. but at the end of the day i’m not against writing a few words for […] [ Read More → ]

training for children


I haven’t written a blog in months. I don’t even want to look at when the last one was. It doesn’t even matter. I’m sitting outside. A dog rests by my chair. It’s a beagle. Her name is Loczi. She is an old lady who is currently wearing a cone. Not by choice. It’s supposed […] [ Read More → ]