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brain stretch april 29. 2016

a few words for the team. just click a few keys and see where the brain goes. i look at these stretches as little moments of time. where am i currently? los angeles, california. thoughts on last nights episode of rush hour? i enjoyed it. it’s fun to see an episode of TV and try […] [ Read More → ]

brain stretch April 7, 2016

Every satellite picture is an earth selfie. — Kirk Fox (@kirkfox) April 6, 2016 I’ve inserted two things into this post. Some words and a photo. The photo was taken on the set of the new TV show called Rush Hour. It’s on CBS. Thursdays. 10pm. That’s in the west. I guess it’s the same […] [ Read More → ]

brain stretch today’s date

I miss the old days when you wouldn’t know if someone hated you. — Kirk Fox (@kirkfox) March 26, 2016 once again I realize it has been too long since the fingers danced in this room. but all that really matters is that they are here now. a dog naps nearby. she dreams of the […] [ Read More → ]