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six minutes

good morning. let me bring those of you who are curious about last night up to speed. i told you I was on my way to attempt to focus for six minutes. it didn’t happen. i mean the focus was a bit off. the highlight of my six minutes onstage took place within the first […] [ Read More → ]

welcome to life #1298

i'm not proud but whenever i see a cop directing traffic, i always wave at him hoping that he will wave back and cause a terrible accident. — Kirk Fox (@kirkfox) April 24, 2015 Hi. thanks for swinging by for a moment. what’s going on in my life? i will tell you. tonight I will […] [ Read More → ]


Thinking about becoming a Quaker. Just read that a Quaker can never turn away another Quaker. That means I will always have free access to a bed and breakfast anywhere in the world. But I guess it also means they can show up at my door anytime as well. “Hi. Kirk. I’m a Quaker. May […] [ Read More → ]