my name is kirk fox

this is just a test. but isn’t everything. hi. i haven’t posted here in quite some time. not sure where the time goes but the fingers seem to remember this feeling. i notice that all the views to this site are robots. am i the robot’s number one attraction? if i can figure out why […] [ Read More → ]

brain stretch monday may 29, 2017

i like the title. seems to get the point across. hi. it’s memorial day. i’m having my coffee and reminding myself that i actually have a website. i hadn’t visited it in sometime. when i do stop by i realize that it mostly seems to be a place for spam to visit. my demographic seems […] [ Read More → ]

brain stretch 2.26.17

have my fingers not touched this wall yet this year? woke up to the news that Bill Paxton is no longer dancing among us. Sad day. He was a friend. Great actor and even better guy. All heart. Hospitals are tricky. Once they open us up shit can go wrong quick. Always know that going […] [ Read More → ]


I added a photo. It’s not often I insert a photo into anything. This was a fun night at the comedy store. We told jokes and then hung out in the green room. I guess it’s the green room. Not much green in it. Owen Smith, Ron White, myself, and Joe Rogan. Three of my […] [ Read More → ]