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life april 28,2015

The first monkey in space must have really thought he had fucked up on earth. — Kirk Fox (@kirkfox) April 28, 2015 just a few words to my site. I grew up in San Diego, California. My dad used to get up every morning and say “isn’t is wonderful?” whoever heard the greeting responded with […] [ Read More → ]


Only a sociopath would actually buy a pen. I have hundreds and have never bought one in my life. I even keep one on me in case of emergency. — Kirk Fox (@kirkfox) April 25, 2015 It is raining in Los Angeles. I just had to tell someone. Thanks for stopping by. Here is the […] [ Read More → ]

six minutes

good morning. let me bring those of you who are curious about last night up to speed. i told you I was on my way to attempt to focus for six minutes. it didn’t happen. i mean the focus was a bit off. the highlight of my six minutes onstage took place within the first […] [ Read More → ]