I’m just a man working on posture and tone. I play a lot of tennis and have become a fan of pilates. Seems to be stretching me out in the right places and a few of the wrong. But that’s my problem. Must keep the core engaged. I’m a comedian. Have traveled the world telling jokes. I’m an actor. Been in some movies, played sewage joe on “parks and recreation,” had a talk show once called “the test” and played a detective on “rush hour” recently. It was on CBS. It’s cancelled but I may have kept the badge so I’ll be fine. I also played a teacher on a show called “how to rock” on nickelodeon. That’s it for now. And who are you? Wait. Also play a loan shark on the mick. Have an hour special premiering Friday April 13th at 10:00 pm on Showtime.

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