arranging words 12.19.16

hi. my name is kirk fox. i’m going to hook a few words together in no particular order. i saw a big cat this morning. it was in the distance so I’m still not sure if it was a house cat or a cat that likes to eat Beagles. as far as dogs go I bet the beagle is one of the best eating. a beagle is a big part of my life. Her name is Laczi. for those of you who don’t know this animal, she has taught me to love. she is almost fifteen years old. she has survived a couple coyote attacks and most recently knee surgery. i fixed her knee the way some people repair an old football injury. she is running strong again. that’s crazy shit. she used to barely move. i hope when I’m that old I don’t need a knee surgery. back to the cat. i tried to take a video but it didn’t start recording till after I pointed the phone at the cat. so I can’t confirm it’s breed. either way, i have to keep an eye on the beagle at all times. yesterday a huge coyote and today a possible mountain lion. yes, the cat continues to grow. that is life. as the stories are retold they always seem to grow exponentially. that’s a big word. wonder if I spelled that right? close enough. thoughts on spelling. close enough works for me.

okay. is this enough? have i said what needed to be said? i wanted to reach out to my readers. still have no clue how many really read these posts. but i can say this, one is enough, and I’m okay if no-one does but my eyes. this is simply a way for me to warm up my brain for the day. as the fingers click they often will say something that I’ve never heard before. the arrangement of words is what can trigger a new thought. “thoughts on spelling. close enough works for me.” that wasn’t something I planned on thinking today. but because I began to reach out it materialized. the point. don’t be afraid to say somethings that you might not want public. reach out. pour out some thoughts or feelings. scribble some shit on paper. or simply open a document and talk to it with your fingers. that’s it. that’s what I have done and that’s what you should do as well. peace out team. my brain is engaged. now I will hunt that cat. fox out.