life is artI will be telling some jokes at the comedy store in hollywood tonight.  I’m looking forward to it.  The photo attached to this post was taken in Italy.  Do I feel life is art?  I feel life is anything you want it to be.  Art is how we deal with things.  Tapping into the creative side of the brain.  I believe everything can be art.  as long as it’s coming from the creative part of the brain.  honest expression in the moment.  this post is art.  i’m free.  the fingers go where they want.  they take my brain.  that is art.  now tennis.  i’m going to work on my backhand today.  dropping from a higher starting point for momentum.  yes I have a one handed backhand.  is it art?  sometimes.  when I get out of my own way.  that is what art is.  being something.  not doing it.  thanks for stopping by.  have a good day.  or night.  your call.  not sure what time you woke up.  either way, have a good something.  be artful.