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so it begins. a few words. i really wish i knew who actually angles their eyes at these posts. the internet is such a cluster fuck. sometimes i think there are millions and then I realize they are all robots. but at the end of the day i’m not against writing a few words for the robots of the world. the thought of the day started early. i was thinking about sexual favors. where did that come from? is it really a favor? since when did a favor cost 500 dollars? do me a favor, don’t charge me for sex. that was how my day started. i then had a thought about blowup dolls and the amount of work that actually goes into blowing one up. the result, even blowup dolls are a lot of work.

the real afternoon thoughts seemed to be about clutter. i direct most of my thoughts toward women because as a heterosexual man I guess women are what is on my mind. i was just thinking about my life and how I can learn everything I need to know about a woman by how much shit she has on the floor of her car. passenger side. also had some thoughts about the kardashian robbery in paris. i’m not saying i spend all my time alone but I’d love for five guys to break into my house. just for the company. that’s it. this was the thoughts of my day. i mixed in some tennis and pilates. also had some sushi for dinner. is this a post? yes. i told you what i’m up to. if you’re an ally this was a wonderful snippet from my brain. i have a few allies. i know who most of you are. that’s a good leader who knows who is following him. i don’t have many, but that’s enough. keep rocking team. fox out.


training for children


I haven’t written a blog in months. I don’t even want to look at when the last one was. It doesn’t even matter. I’m sitting outside. A dog rests by my chair. It’s a beagle. Her name is Loczi. She is an old lady who is currently wearing a cone. Not by choice. It’s supposed to keep her from nibbling out her stitches. She had some surgery last week. Her right knee area wasn’t connected anymore. They said it was worth fixing. I was reluctant at first. I tend to think everything is a bit of a scam. The upset of life. This dog is 14. Does she really need this knee 100%? As I sit here now with the beast I would say yes. If this surgery gives her even a another day to walk and maybe even allow some rough house, I’m all for it. Ive learned to love this dog. At first it wasn’t easy. The dog belonged to my girlfriend at the time. I felt the dog snored on purpose to keep me up. I didn’t even want the dog in the same room. I was a bad man. Now I like the dog close.

this dog has taught me to love. I have to carry her to pee and poop. It’s getting manageable. The first week was hell. But I smiled my way through it. She keeps me up at night. She wasn’t a fan of her pain meds. She would spit them out. Hold onto them for an hour hidden in a corner of her mouth. She reminded me of people in insane asylums that weren’t actually crazy and wouldn’t want to swallow the pills that kept them numb. But pill pockets were the savior. We learned to not break the pill in half. that’s what let her smell the pill which wasn’t on her list of things to eat. which now that i think about it, is the only thing this dog won’t eat. next week she gets the stitches out and loses her cone. I can’t wait. But what i did learn during this Laczi run is that I could in fact be a pretty good father. I was patient with this dog. Never raised my voice. Even when she kept me up all night before a golf day. I sucked. I blame Laczi. But truthfully, it was just my swing. In-between thoughts.

Okay. Now I will try and take a picture of the beast at my feet. She is sleeping.


it is thursday may 19, 2016. simple post to thank everyone that supported rush hour on CBS. the show will not be returning for another season but it sure was a fun ride. CBS says it will air the remaining episodes. I’m not sure that will happen but I do know it is on tonight. So we have that. I attached that tweet to the top of this post because I like it. no other reason. it came to my brain yesterday and I handed it to the world. what you do with it is up to you. that’s it. oh, what am I doing now? I’m working on my path towards enlightenment. I’m trying to be a fully functioning human being. I’m trying to approach everything with a joyful mind and am grateful for all people. even the assholes which help me on this path. if it was all roses and there were no obstacles we couldn’t try out our compassion. keep rocking readers. also, i thought of something funny this morning I will share.

i had a reading accident when i was 8 that I feel is one of the reasons I don’t read as much as I should. i was leaning in too close while reading a pop up book and almost lost an eye on page 12 when a tree attacked. that’s it. just a thought. i will let you know what I do with that knowledge. also, many of you that read this musing are also on the heroes journey. keep it up. kf


Just a few words in no particular order. The reason this is exciting to me is because I’m writing this in a word document. And then I will copy it and drop it on my website. Why? I guess at the end of the day it’s simple paranoia of one day losing the website and all the posts. But the truth is, it wouldn’t really matter. They are just thoughts. If really important I should be able to remember them all. Where is my brain today? I will tell you all. I’m going to start organizing another hour of jokes. That’s it. I have been working on my hour special. It has been edited and now we see who wants to put it on their channel. But my brain now says, retire those jokes and make some more. That is where I was then, this is where I am now. I also like the way my fingers feels today. I’ve been using so much of my right thumb on my phone that it feels good to involve a few of the others. They are clicking away. Before I get to carried away I’m going to see if this can be dropped onto the website for a few eyeballs. kf

brain stretch april 29. 2016

a few words for the team. just click a few keys and see where the brain goes. i look at these stretches as little moments of time. where am i currently? los angeles, california. thoughts on last nights episode of rush hour? i enjoyed it. it’s fun to see an episode of TV and try and remember where you were the day you filmed. the beauty of the edit is they can save you. i got to be choked in a jacuzzi and saved by aimee garcia. i was dragged around a police station with a gun to my head. aimee saved me twice in that episode. will we shoot more episodes? that is not my department. but i think in order for a tv show to continue it needs to get enough eyeballs on it to warrant the investment. do we have enough eyeballs? doubtful.

how are the jokes? i will be in san diego may 5-7 with kevin nealon. that will be fun. i look forward to that. we will take the train down. it is an awesome ride from los angeles to san diego. when i drive there i often am passed by that train. next week i will be on it. i’m definitely going to slide some new jokes into my set. i finally got to see a special i shot. it was an hour. if all goes well it will make it to a TV eventually. in my mind i’d like to shoot another one soon with new jokes. so it’s time to get onstage and start connecting the new thoughts. what will this special be about. i would think it needs to be about where I am currently in my life. getting onstage is crucial. you need to hear the jokes out loud with humans listening. alright, this is it. pretty sure this wasn’t enough. but at the end of the day it has to be enough. it’s where i am at this moment in time.

rock on readers. kf out

oh, one last thing. i was supposed to play tennis today but i have a little injury on my right bicep. near the arm pit. i think it came from pilates again. i have to be careful with those damn springs. also, i have a confession. my toenails are currently painted. i had a mani pedi the other day and when they offered to paint my toes i said sure. they are now in my shoes. they are in the closet. but then as i was doing pilates the other day the instructor said she liked the color. now i’m really torn. i know society says a man shouldn’t paint his toenails but what does society really know. we have to do what the toes want. will i do it again? yes. will i try a brighter color? yes. am i becoming a woman? probably. but as long as it starts at the toes I’m okay for awhile. alright, now i have to go. this post was almost done but then it caught fire. it is now worthy of posting. i don’t like to waste people’s time. kf out now

brain stretch April 7, 2016


I’ve inserted two things into this post. Some words and a photo. The photo was taken on the set of the new TV show called Rush Hour. It’s on CBS. Thursdays. 10pm. That’s in the west. I guess it’s the same time in the east but just three hours sooner than out here. But this isn’t about time. This is simply about stretching my fingers out before I start the day. This is how i open my brain. It’s probably how I should begin everyday. It is not. What is the status on Rush Hour? Good question. It premiered last week. The suits would have liked more viewers. So would the actors that are looking forward to shooting more shows. Tonight will be important. Tomorrow I will wake up and check the numbers. But until then, I will remain optimistic and positive. I will keep my smile as broad as it was in the photo. I think that may have been taken during the pilot. Let’s move on.

The big news. My mustache has fought hard to return and it’s pretty damn close. I shaved it a couple weeks ago and immediately missed it. It was my fault, i’d spent too much time perfecting it and it lost some of its mystique. Be careful when trimming that you don’t go in too far from the natural creases in your face. Let the mustache follow those lines. Okay, what else? I’m working on my comedy, finding the flow. I will definitely get out in the world soon and see if humanity responds enough. Okay, that’s all for today people. I know there’s a few of you that swing in here. I will say it again, I will try and increase my visits as well. keep rocking. I have your back. I know who you are. kf

brain stretch today’s date

once again I realize it has been too long since the fingers danced in this room. but all that really matters is that they are here now. a dog naps nearby. she dreams of the walk I owe her. my back is tight. i wonder if the Aleve is really going to do what it claims in its name. sun pounds my left eye. i think about changing my seat but i like the way the computer feels in my pal. a tuna burger is currently being digested in my stomach. i will tell jokes this evening at the comedy store. when i close up this computer i will decide on the flow. the key for me tonight will be to remember to attempt to be seamless. i think about this more today because thursday a pal made his exit. Garry Handling’s heart decided it was done beating. A heart that worked so hard to give love to others finally couldn’t do it anymore. Garry was the best. As kind as he was funny. Generous. But the one thing I noticed watching Garry was that he was seamless. He was the same guy in the green room planning his set that he was onstage. He didn’t seem to want to do anything extra. the words should be enough. I’d like to think that my words can do the same. I sometimes feel I’m working too hard onstage and tonight I will try not to work at all. I will just be. I heard Garry once say that he didn’t want to do standup anymore, he wanted to be standup. tonight I will be.

what else can fill this wall. I’m not good as selling but I’m in a new TV show that will premiere on Thursday March 31, 2016. CBS. 10pm. I’d like you to watch it. If not, that’s okay as well. Thanks for swimming by this wall and reading a few of these words. If you have gotten this far, you are almost done. Have a good next moment. Take in your surroundings. Find the time. Enjoy. And I always say, try nice first. Now i enjoy this moment and look at a few jokes and see which ones would like to show their faces tonight at the comedy store. fox out.


this will be quick. i just programmed my remote into my car and you’d think i had just discovered the cure for cancer. i wasn’t sure how to do it but i googled it and watched a youtube video. i then went to the car and tried it and was successful. was it worth writing about? of course. it is important to write about what excites us. that excited me. our remote code was changed because the other night someone broke into the garage and robbed a bunch of cars. i was not here at the time. changing the code is not going to make a difference. if someone want into a garage they just wait till the gate opens and then at the last minute they slide in.

my second thought of the day is this. never run with scissors unless you are chasing someone that has wronged you, or has an exposed thread. other than that, i think it’s pretty silly. this wa short and sweet, just wanted to say hi to the world. kf out.

brain stretch march 11, 2016

why not? that’s the question. why have i not put my fingers in action for a month here? i like seeing the words hit the wall. so why? have i been busy? there have been moments of busy. i was in tempe arizona for a couple days. i told jokes at the tempe improv. i headlined. that was exciting. i haven’t really been on the road to headline a club in i think years. it was fun to get onstage and do almost an hour. i did four shows. i was wondering how to fill an hour. but after the first show i realized that i have enough material for hours. so that means the question really is, what do i want to talk about for an hour? connecting the thoughts is important. that is the battle. i did four shows. 3 out of the 4 i enjoyed. one of them had a clunky start but i managed to get the train eventually back on the tracks. what caused the derailment of the third show? me. it all comes down to how a performer deals with a situation. we can all climb into a hole on our own. my mental slip was watching the performers before me too long. i noticed a table in the front where there was a lot of talking and head turning. my brain tends to overthink. after each joke the woman in the front would turn to her friend and say something. a running commentary. she also had big hair. i knew immediately that she was going to be a problem.

i want to just get onstage and tell my jokes. some comedians enjoy interacting with the crowd. i am not one of them. i will if i have to but i don’t go out of my way to find it. when i went onstage i told myself to ignore this woman. don’t engage her. but i immediately was aware that she was turning to her friend after everything i said. she was directly in front of me. the more i ignored her the more i hated myself for ignoring. the brain begins to forget its next thought. finally i had to engage. it was a civil conversation. i made it funny. she seemed apologetic. after the interaction the show began again and i had fun for the next hour. but i learned a great lesson. i always try and learn things. first of all, it shouldn’t have bothered me that much. 400 people having fun, and i was focusing on the 1 that seemed to be a distraction. that is one of my battles i’m working on. just love the room. what did I learn? it’s okay to address a problem immediately. i knew she was going to be a problem. i waited five minutes to engage and let her know she was a distraction to me and those in the area. next time, i will strike swiftly. no fear.

okay. that’s it. i wanted to throw a few words against the wall. those poured out easily because they were just honest thoughts. honest thoughts on paper are easy. just knock off the filter. bottom line. tempe was a great weekend. four shows. lots of laughs. great crowds. even that woman was great. now that i think about it, i was also hungry. i called for a banana during this moment as well. i like to have a banana handy in case of a sugar crash. the club manager brought me one onstage and it allowed me to get the train back on the rails. the funny thing is, the audience probably thought the banana was part of the act. especially later when i told a joke about a banana. but not the one that the manager had delivered. okay. i will try and write more often. also, march 31 is the premiere of rush hour on CBS. 10 pm. I’m excited. I think i might be in it. not a lot but enough for me to say, i think that was me.

brain stretch 2-17-16

just a moment in time. hooking a few words together. i hear rain outside my window. the ground is thirsty. is this el nino? doubt it. it’s a gentle drizzle. el nino comes hard and aggressive and lets us know he’s here. this rain is a gentle tap on the door. el nino comes in through the window. what’s going on with Kirk Fox? let’s examine a couple things. first of all, word on the street is a few people actually swing in to be brought up to speed with the written word as opposed to listening. so this is for you.

tonight i will go to the improv and try and stay focused for five minutes. during those five minutes i will string jokes together. if all goes correctly then that set i do tonight will be done in the future while jimmy fallon watches. is his show called the tonight show. i really don’t know. is it called the tonight show with jimmy fallon? wow. the fact that i’m not sure what the show is i think might be a blessing. how do i feel? at this moment i feel good. i like the five minutes. i’ve done these five for awhile now. it would be a blast to actually retire them. if i do them on tv i really try and look at it as a farewell to that moment in time. i will keep you posted.

also today i had a little door ding taken out of my car. i have a friend who is an artist when it comes to taking out dents. this was small. maybe the size of a quarter but i didn’t like it. i think it happened at cedars sinai. door dings are certainly my pet peeve. it’s funny because my old car was all beat up and i looked at it as character builders. but this car is a bit of a prima donna. okay, that’s it. i fixed a door ding. i’m going to showcase tonight for i think the tonight show. also, i almost forgot, i will be in tempe arizona on march 4 and 5. some jokes at the improv. i haven’t been out in the world on my own in awhile. i booked my own flights and felt like i had delivered a baby. i was really too excited for something that should just be a simple part of life. nothing is simple for me. but i’m working on it. rock on readers. kirk fox over and out. and the rain sounds louder. i will let you know if it’s el nino. kf