brain stretch 2-17-16

just a moment in time. hooking a few words together. i hear rain outside my window. the ground is thirsty. is this el nino? doubt it. it’s a gentle drizzle. el nino comes hard and aggressive and lets us know he’s here. this rain is a gentle tap on the door. el nino comes in through the window. what’s going on with Kirk Fox? let’s examine a couple things. first of all, word on the street is a few people actually swing in to be brought up to speed with the written word as opposed to listening. so this is for you.

tonight i will go to the improv and try and stay focused for five minutes. during those five minutes i will string jokes together. if all goes correctly then that set i do tonight will be done in the future while jimmy fallon watches. is his show called the tonight show. i really don’t know. is it called the tonight show with jimmy fallon? wow. the fact that i’m not sure what the show is i think might be a blessing. how do i feel? at this moment i feel good. i like the five minutes. i’ve done these five for awhile now. it would be a blast to actually retire them. if i do them on tv i really try and look at it as a farewell to that moment in time. i will keep you posted.

also today i had a little door ding taken out of my car. i have a friend who is an artist when it comes to taking out dents. this was small. maybe the size of a quarter but i didn’t like it. i think it happened at cedars sinai. door dings are certainly my pet peeve. it’s funny because my old car was all beat up and i looked at it as character builders. but this car is a bit of a prima donna. okay, that’s it. i fixed a door ding. i’m going to showcase tonight for i think the tonight show. also, i almost forgot, i will be in tempe arizona on march 4 and 5. some jokes at the improv. i haven’t been out in the world on my own in awhile. i booked my own flights and felt like i had delivered a baby. i was really too excited for something that should just be a simple part of life. nothing is simple for me. but i’m working on it. rock on readers. kirk fox over and out. and the rain sounds louder. i will let you know if it’s el nino. kf