brain stretch 2.26.17

have my fingers not touched this wall yet this year? woke up to the news that Bill Paxton is no longer dancing among us. Sad day. He was a friend. Great actor and even better guy. All heart. Hospitals are tricky. Once they open us up shit can go wrong quick. Always know that going in. You might not come out.

All I really want to say is this. Life is precious. Live yours in such a way that if you were told you had five minutes to live, you could smile for four of them. Screaming for one is allowed. But just try and find a place for the scream that allows your last minute to be a smile. That’s it for today. I will once again try and spend more time posting words to this site. This should suffice for today. Go watch some Bill Paxton flicks. I loved Frailty. He directed it. kf