BRAIN STRETCH 8.4.15 Don’t dress up animals.

It’s time to throw some words against this page. It has been awhile. I often say a website is a garden that will die if not watered. This site is as close to drying up as it can get. I even can see that people still venture in to see some of the old thoughts. But we live in a world where we need to have new. So today I will tell you about a joke I’m working on. Here is the seed.

I’ve often thought about animals in clothes. They never look comfortable. I know the feeling. It’s the same feeling I get when I’m forced to wear a tie or polyester. But here is a joke I think is funny. Maybe it’s just the gist of a joke. All my jokes are works in progress. Eventually they are pretty close to being complete but since I feel they are always growing, you never know. Here’s the thought. Based on the above tweet.

Unless your dog is wanted by the police do not dress them in clothes. I saw a great dane the other day in a suit. Pants, jacket, shirt, and even a tie. I stopped my car and jumped out to help what I thought was an old man crawling across the intersection. Turned out just to be a great dane on the way to a job interview.

There you have it. I stretched my brain. I did some graffiti on this wall. I will let you know how it goes. I’ve tried pieces that have given me the feeling that if they are connected together there will be laughter. That’s the beauty of comedy. If you do it enough times, you can almost hear in your own head if a joke is going to work. Still doesn’t mean you could be wrong. But that’s the beauty of life. If we knew what was always going to happen we sure wouldn’t have those sweet surprises that make us want to stretch. kf