Just a few words in no particular order. The reason this is exciting to me is because I’m writing this in a word document. And then I will copy it and drop it on my website. Why? I guess at the end of the day it’s simple paranoia of one day losing the website and all the posts. But the truth is, it wouldn’t really matter. They are just thoughts. If really important I should be able to remember them all. Where is my brain today? I will tell you all. I’m going to start organizing another hour of jokes. That’s it. I have been working on my hour special. It has been edited and now we see who wants to put it on their channel. But my brain now says, retire those jokes and make some more. That is where I was then, this is where I am now. I also like the way my fingers feels today. I’ve been using so much of my right thumb on my phone that it feels good to involve a few of the others. They are clicking away. Before I get to carried away I’m going to see if this can be dropped onto the website for a few eyeballs. kf