brain stretch april 29. 2016

a few words for the team. just click a few keys and see where the brain goes. i look at these stretches as little moments of time. where am i currently? los angeles, california. thoughts on last nights episode of rush hour? i enjoyed it. it’s fun to see an episode of TV and try and remember where you were the day you filmed. the beauty of the edit is they can save you. i got to be choked in a jacuzzi and saved by aimee garcia. i was dragged around a police station with a gun to my head. aimee saved me twice in that episode. will we shoot more episodes? that is not my department. but i think in order for a tv show to continue it needs to get enough eyeballs on it to warrant the investment. do we have enough eyeballs? doubtful.

how are the jokes? i will be in san diego may 5-7 with kevin nealon. that will be fun. i look forward to that. we will take the train down. it is an awesome ride from los angeles to san diego. when i drive there i often am passed by that train. next week i will be on it. i’m definitely going to slide some new jokes into my set. i finally got to see a special i shot. it was an hour. if all goes well it will make it to a TV eventually. in my mind i’d like to shoot another one soon with new jokes. so it’s time to get onstage and start connecting the new thoughts. what will this special be about. i would think it needs to be about where I am currently in my life. getting onstage is crucial. you need to hear the jokes out loud with humans listening. alright, this is it. pretty sure this wasn’t enough. but at the end of the day it has to be enough. it’s where i am at this moment in time.

rock on readers. kf out

oh, one last thing. i was supposed to play tennis today but i have a little injury on my right bicep. near the arm pit. i think it came from pilates again. i have to be careful with those damn springs. also, i have a confession. my toenails are currently painted. i had a mani pedi the other day and when they offered to paint my toes i said sure. they are now in my shoes. they are in the closet. but then as i was doing pilates the other day the instructor said she liked the color. now i’m really torn. i know society says a man shouldn’t paint his toenails but what does society really know. we have to do what the toes want. will i do it again? yes. will i try a brighter color? yes. am i becoming a woman? probably. but as long as it starts at the toes I’m okay for awhile. alright, now i have to go. this post was almost done but then it caught fire. it is now worthy of posting. i don’t like to waste people’s time. kf out now