brain stretch march 11, 2016

why not? that’s the question. why have i not put my fingers in action for a month here? i like seeing the words hit the wall. so why? have i been busy? there have been moments of busy. i was in tempe arizona for a couple days. i told jokes at the tempe improv. i headlined. that was exciting. i haven’t really been on the road to headline a club in i think years. it was fun to get onstage and do almost an hour. i did four shows. i was wondering how to fill an hour. but after the first show i realized that i have enough material for hours. so that means the question really is, what do i want to talk about for an hour? connecting the thoughts is important. that is the battle. i did four shows. 3 out of the 4 i enjoyed. one of them had a clunky start but i managed to get the train eventually back on the tracks. what caused the derailment of the third show? me. it all comes down to how a performer deals with a situation. we can all climb into a hole on our own. my mental slip was watching the performers before me too long. i noticed a table in the front where there was a lot of talking and head turning. my brain tends to overthink. after each joke the woman in the front would turn to her friend and say something. a running commentary. she also had big hair. i knew immediately that she was going to be a problem.

i want to just get onstage and tell my jokes. some comedians enjoy interacting with the crowd. i am not one of them. i will if i have to but i don’t go out of my way to find it. when i went onstage i told myself to ignore this woman. don’t engage her. but i immediately was aware that she was turning to her friend after everything i said. she was directly in front of me. the more i ignored her the more i hated myself for ignoring. the brain begins to forget its next thought. finally i had to engage. it was a civil conversation. i made it funny. she seemed apologetic. after the interaction the show began again and i had fun for the next hour. but i learned a great lesson. i always try and learn things. first of all, it shouldn’t have bothered me that much. 400 people having fun, and i was focusing on the 1 that seemed to be a distraction. that is one of my battles i’m working on. just love the room. what did I learn? it’s okay to address a problem immediately. i knew she was going to be a problem. i waited five minutes to engage and let her know she was a distraction to me and those in the area. next time, i will strike swiftly. no fear.

okay. that’s it. i wanted to throw a few words against the wall. those poured out easily because they were just honest thoughts. honest thoughts on paper are easy. just knock off the filter. bottom line. tempe was a great weekend. four shows. lots of laughs. great crowds. even that woman was great. now that i think about it, i was also hungry. i called for a banana during this moment as well. i like to have a banana handy in case of a sugar crash. the club manager brought me one onstage and it allowed me to get the train back on the rails. the funny thing is, the audience probably thought the banana was part of the act. especially later when i told a joke about a banana. but not the one that the manager had delivered. okay. i will try and write more often. also, march 31 is the premiere of rush hour on CBS. 10 pm. I’m excited. I think i might be in it. not a lot but enough for me to say, i think that was me.