brain stretch monday may 29, 2017

i like the title. seems to get the point across. hi. it’s memorial day. i’m having my coffee and reminding myself that i actually have a website. i hadn’t visited it in sometime. when i do stop by i realize that it mostly seems to be a place for spam to visit. my demographic seems to be spam. so let me talk to the robots for a minute. i’ve been shooting a new tv show called the dress up gang. it will be on TBS in the fall. i play a handyman. i’m excited about this show. it’s a half hour comedy. okay. that should be enough for the robots today. also, i have found that the attention spans of the world is diminishing quite rapidly. i know this because I have just lost interest in my words as well. have a good day robots. also, if this is an actual human being, thanks for your time. how are the jokes coming? good question. there are a few in play that are worth seeing. i will eventually post them on a wall you can find. kirk fox out.