broken ears


the picture above these words means a lot to me. i think i made this monster when i was in the sixth grade. how old is that? 12 maybe. seems old. maybe i made it when i was 10. elementary school. i’ve had it since the day I formed the clay, put it into the kiln, and then painted it. I found it in a drawer tonight. I knew it was in the drawer. I also knew that the ears had broken off. What i didn’t know was that I had managed to keep both those tips of the ears in the same drawer. I found one. was excited. then I began to look for the other. I had zero hope of finding the other. I did. then i knew I had some gorilla glue handy. I performed the ear surgery. the monster is now on my shelf and it will be forever. well, at least till it is not. what is forever? it could be stolen. crushed in an earthquake. thrown against a wall by someone who doesn’t know of its value.

the thought that this post will now show it’s value to me could backfire. it is now susceptible to thieves. either way i will be excited that the monster and I had a few more minutes together. i really think it’s watching me. i took a couple of pictures but didn’t like them because the glue was visible. i wiped off some of the excess. the monster seemed to approve of the picture above. i really love this guy. i’m in the process of moving and couldn’t be happier that this guy made the trip to a new shelf. a new chapter begins in my life and I’m happy the monster is with me for the first few pages. like I said, he may not make it to the end.

why a monster? maybe it’s not. I like the colors. I seem to remember the teacher giving me a strange look when she saw my finished project. that teacher must be dead by now. I’m going to try and find out. this monster is taking over. isn’t that how art is supposed to be. it is supposed to activate thoughts in the viewer. i’ve looked at art and wondered what was going through the artists mind during that chapter of his life. i look at this monster and remember a little boy making a monster. i will monitor this guy closely. these new ears will hear all. i look at him as i type, i think he just moved.