my name is kirk fox

this is just a test. but isn’t everything. hi. i haven’t posted here in quite some time. not sure where the time goes but the fingers seem to remember this feeling. i notice that all the views to this site are robots. am i the robot’s number one attraction? if i can figure out why I’m so popular to robots I might try and do something different. i will begin to post here again. there is something liberating about having room for this many words. have a good day. i have to go walk my new dogs. they are puppies. they are from tijuana. they are narcos dogs. i will explain later. fox out for now.

brain stretch monday may 29, 2017

i like the title. seems to get the point across. hi. it’s memorial day. i’m having my coffee and reminding myself that i actually have a website. i hadn’t visited it in sometime. when i do stop by i realize that it mostly seems to be a place for spam to visit. my demographic seems to be spam. so let me talk to the robots for a minute. i’ve been shooting a new tv show called the dress up gang. it will be on TBS in the fall. i play a handyman. i’m excited about this show. it’s a half hour comedy. okay. that should be enough for the robots today. also, i have found that the attention spans of the world is diminishing quite rapidly. i know this because I have just lost interest in my words as well. have a good day robots. also, if this is an actual human being, thanks for your time. how are the jokes coming? good question. there are a few in play that are worth seeing. i will eventually post them on a wall you can find. kirk fox out.

brain stretch 2.26.17

have my fingers not touched this wall yet this year? woke up to the news that Bill Paxton is no longer dancing among us. Sad day. He was a friend. Great actor and even better guy. All heart. Hospitals are tricky. Once they open us up shit can go wrong quick. Always know that going in. You might not come out.

All I really want to say is this. Life is precious. Live yours in such a way that if you were told you had five minutes to live, you could smile for four of them. Screaming for one is allowed. But just try and find a place for the scream that allows your last minute to be a smile. That’s it for today. I will once again try and spend more time posting words to this site. This should suffice for today. Go watch some Bill Paxton flicks. I loved Frailty. He directed it. kf



I added a photo. It’s not often I insert a photo into anything. This was a fun night at the comedy store. We told jokes and then hung out in the green room. I guess it’s the green room. Not much green in it. Owen Smith, Ron White, myself, and Joe Rogan. Three of my favorite people. As the year winds down I just wanted to say “hi.” That’s about it. I hope the holidays were swell. Kirk fox out.

arranging words 12.19.16

hi. my name is kirk fox. i’m going to hook a few words together in no particular order. i saw a big cat this morning. it was in the distance so I’m still not sure if it was a house cat or a cat that likes to eat Beagles. as far as dogs go I bet the beagle is one of the best eating. a beagle is a big part of my life. Her name is Laczi. for those of you who don’t know this animal, she has taught me to love. she is almost fifteen years old. she has survived a couple coyote attacks and most recently knee surgery. i fixed her knee the way some people repair an old football injury. she is running strong again. that’s crazy shit. she used to barely move. i hope when I’m that old I don’t need a knee surgery. back to the cat. i tried to take a video but it didn’t start recording till after I pointed the phone at the cat. so I can’t confirm it’s breed. either way, i have to keep an eye on the beagle at all times. yesterday a huge coyote and today a possible mountain lion. yes, the cat continues to grow. that is life. as the stories are retold they always seem to grow exponentially. that’s a big word. wonder if I spelled that right? close enough. thoughts on spelling. close enough works for me.

okay. is this enough? have i said what needed to be said? i wanted to reach out to my readers. still have no clue how many really read these posts. but i can say this, one is enough, and I’m okay if no-one does but my eyes. this is simply a way for me to warm up my brain for the day. as the fingers click they often will say something that I’ve never heard before. the arrangement of words is what can trigger a new thought. “thoughts on spelling. close enough works for me.” that wasn’t something I planned on thinking today. but because I began to reach out it materialized. the point. don’t be afraid to say somethings that you might not want public. reach out. pour out some thoughts or feelings. scribble some shit on paper. or simply open a document and talk to it with your fingers. that’s it. that’s what I have done and that’s what you should do as well. peace out team. my brain is engaged. now I will hunt that cat. fox out.

turkey day looms. I’m Kirk Fox.

just a few thanksgiving tips. only sociopaths would eat a turkey sandwich today. avoid anyone you see eating one or thinking about ordering one. that might be enough for today. i hope everyone is doing well. i haven’t heard my fingers tap tap these keys in awhile. i’ve been working on my golf game. i have to remember to just put the club face on the ball. as long a I remember to simply hit forehands it should be fine.

kanye west is in a mental hospital. maybe he is really just tired. but either way i hope it gets back on track. i know it’s serious because Kim had to cancel a red carpet event. that’s some serious shit. my real thoughts on Kanye. if people pay money to see someone sing, that person better sing. they don’t go to a show to hear you talk. you’re a singer. not a talker. that’s all i got on this.

also, i got a haircut last week and i’m happy about it. i get a haircut once a year. unless i’m working ad they cut it for me. it’s fun to have short hair. what else can i tell the readers who swing by these posts. i still will never know if it’s just robots or people coming by. hopefully both.

i did comedy last night at the viper room in hollywood. i had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. it’s fun when you have an idea of something and then discover you were completely mistaken. most of the things we worry about in life never come into play. that’s why we must really live in the moment. let’s see what happens. people listened. they laughed. i was present and accounted for and didn’t seem to ever have to raise my voice. those that read my words know that my mission, work on being the same guy onstage as off. working on seamlessness. the microphone will do the projecting for me. alright, this has been kirk fox checking into the world. keep on keeping on. also, love something. and finally, if you get a chance, put someone’s needs before yours. you might surprise yourself. just like i was at the viper room last night.

also, i’m going back to detroit next week to tell a few jokes. my last trip there was with charlie sheen. i’m pretty sure this will be different. but once again. maybe i’m mistaken. it could be exactly the same. either way, i will go in smiling. kf

gobble gobble


this is what’s on my mind. i sit at my desk. a candle dances next to me. i bought two pieces of furniture that now protect my desk. i guess i will take a photo. i have to tell some jokes tonight at the comedy store in hollywood california. i have to be onstage at 9:30. I will leave my home at 9:10. that’s how close it is. i think if i really hurry I can be parked at the comedy store in about 8 minutes from the time i pull out of the driveway. what will i talk about tonight? i want to get the room on the boat a little quicker than I have been lately. i’m noticing that the people don’t really have the attention span for too long without a joke. i like to think that I’m enough. I will get to the jokes. i like to go as long as I can without one.

tonight i want to talk about a girl who yelled at me because I wouldn’t read her paragraph tattoo on her back. it filled her whole back. looked like helvetica font. single space. i think the last line said cont. on thigh. what i did find interesting was that she was in a black bikini and two lines in the paragraph looked like they had been blacked out by the FBI. confidential. she was in front of me in line at coffee bean. she turned around and asked if i’d like to read her back. i told her “no thanks. I’m still working on the menu.”

“read it,’ she said.
“I’m cool. I’ll wait for the movie. I actually have a book at home I need to finish before I start another.

she got upset. It’s obvious to me now that the more words in a tattoo the crazier the person. tattoos are links you’re better off not clicking on. I wish people were like etch a sketches so we could just shake off their shitty tattoos and start all over. if i have to stop moving to read your tattoo then it’s too long. then she told me Megan Fox has a paragraph tattoo on her back. I bet you’d read that. Hell yes i would. I’d keep it on the nightstand next to my bed and read it every night before bed.

that is how I will open my set tonight. then maybe explain that I don’t read as much as I should. i had a terrible reading accident when I was eight. i was reading a popup book on the tallest building on the world and was leaning in too close when i turned to the empire state building. almost lost my eye. that’s one of the reasons i avoid New York and paragraph tattoos. that’s it. this is what’s on my mind world. just a man letting his fingers run free and remind the brain what I should talk about tonight. I’ll let you all know how it goes. I will take a picture now of my new furniture.