so it begins. a few words. i really wish i knew who actually angles their eyes at these posts. the internet is such a cluster fuck. sometimes i think there are millions and then I realize they are all robots. but at the end of the day i’m not against writing a few words for the robots of the world. the thought of the day started early. i was thinking about sexual favors. where did that come from? is it really a favor? since when did a favor cost 500 dollars? do me a favor, don’t charge me for sex. that was how my day started. i then had a thought about blowup dolls and the amount of work that actually goes into blowing one up. the result, even blowup dolls are a lot of work.

the real afternoon thoughts seemed to be about clutter. i direct most of my thoughts toward women because as a heterosexual man I guess women are what is on my mind. i was just thinking about my life and how I can learn everything I need to know about a woman by how much shit she has on the floor of her car. passenger side. also had some thoughts about the kardashian robbery in paris. i’m not saying i spend all my time alone but I’d love for five guys to break into my house. just for the company. that’s it. this was the thoughts of my day. i mixed in some tennis and pilates. also had some sushi for dinner. is this a post? yes. i told you what i’m up to. if you’re an ally this was a wonderful snippet from my brain. i have a few allies. i know who most of you are. that’s a good leader who knows who is following him. i don’t have many, but that’s enough. keep rocking team. fox out.