life 12.13.16

it is tuesday. what does that mean? it simply means that if you are up you have been given another chance to make the most of your life. try and do something you didn’t do yesterday. know that you can help make the world a better place. if you can’t physically get on the front line of change you can certainly give resources to those that can. it’s that simple. don’t give up on the idea that things could be better. now a joke. or an attempt at one.

spent last week in new york city. that is a tricky ride for me. just too many people crammed into one box. sure have to learn to stay in your lane. the people are all going somewhere. my pacing was off. i felt like a pinball. i’m a canyon boy for sure. there were some highlights of this trip. i met steve martin and watched him play the banjo. this guy can sure pick the strings. i met lorne michaels. i saw his office. i saw the board on the wall with the sketches that have made it to that weeks episode of saturday night live. i ran into jimmy fallon at the tonight show. i had a good week. told some jokes at caroline’s comedy club. i had heard about it for years but had never played it. now i have. there is one thing that is common for all comedy clubs. you have a microphone and a crowd. it’s up to you to make them laugh. i’m glad i got a taste of caroline’s. is it better or worse than other clubs? i would say it is one of the better comedy clubs for sure. i certainly loved their chicken club. i’m a creature of habit. if i find a food that gives me strength then that could be the winner for the week.

oh yes. a joke. i’m not sure where this will fit in my act or if it will simply die on this wall. but i want to fit this thought in. i have a pet lizard. i’ve had it a few years. his name is jack. a good guy as far as lizards go. but whenever he is placed near a female lizard he freezes up. paralyzed. i took him to a pal who works at the zoo. one of the brightest lizard doctors in the world and he put jack through rigorous testing. he finally came to me and said, “jack has ereptile dysfunction.”

my friend is funny. is this going to make it to the stage? i will keep you all posted. have a wonderful day people. or night. fox out.