my greatest fear no more

i often tell people I’m afraid of nothing. but in fact there is always one thing that rarely sleeps in the back of my mind. a flat tire. more so lately because the car I now drive has racing tires which are a bit more susceptible to attack from nails and glass. i used to drive a honda civic and I actually never had to change a tire on the car. which makes me even more suspicious of this fear. i remember seeing a nail in the tire of the honda once while filming The Test at paramount. I drove directly to my friend at the Honda dealership for the plugging of the hole. they pull out whatever has breached the rubber, i think this was a screw, and shove in some rubber and you’re on your way.

back to the story at hand. driving to golf the other day, a long drive, the golf course was 45 minutes away. i was running late and had to speed. when i got off the freeway i hear a new sound. a thump thump with every turn of the wheel. the faster the turn, the quicker the thump thump thump. i got out and checked the tires. they were fine. i looked under the car to see if i was dragging anything. nope. slowly drove to the golf course because I was late. still concerned with the car. do i call audi care, do i call AAA. the mind was racing. got to golf and explained the situation. the golfers weren’t that concerned. i decided to to tee off with them but deal with it after 9 holes. because my mind was on the tire i oddly played some of the best golf in my life. i was one over on the front nine. at the turn we looked at the car and one of the golfers, noticed that the front left tires on the inside was coming undone. what looked like a string was in fact part of the tire. that’s the part that would thump on every turn.

relieved, we played the back nine because they all said they would help me change the tire. I shot two over on the back. a great day of golf. after they helped me change the tire. i watched it all, i now think I can do it again if I had to. the only real drama was the covers that go over the lug nuts. we didn’t know it was a cover at first and the lug wrench didn’t fit. called a friend at audi and he explained to pop the covers off and then do the lugs. i put on a little tire that says don’t go past 50 mph. i drove to the audi dealer which was on the way home and ordered some tires. next day I went and put them on and now my life is much smoother. my fear of a flat tire is a thing of the past. i can now start my life.

as always, thanks to the readers who like to stop by and check my flow. all is well in the world. it’s a raining morning in los angeles. as i wrote that last sentence the sun peeked through the gray clouds. i guess the sun wants to come out and play. or at least look and see if anyone is up. oh shit. did i get rain tires?!