you have to run over a nail just right to have it penetrate the rubber. i didn’t know I had run over a nail. driving to tennis today I saw a warning light I’d never seen in my dash and some wording. The words were gone before I had the time to read them. i arrived at tennis, took a picture of the warning, it was an exclamation point. to me that was important. i sent the picture to my guy. i call him my guy because he sold me the car and if I ever have a car question he can answer. he’s also a friend. i played tennis. my mind was on my car. i won’t lie. i have a tendency to obsess. it’s the little things that i will grasp. after tennis he simply told me that i had a tire that needed air. that seemed right. when i turned on the car the words came up and sure enough, said to check my left rear. I checked. i couldn’t tell if it was low. they are racing tires that don’t have much air in them as is. after tennis on the way to my favorite gas station i stopped for a sandwich and spend thirty minutes trying to find out the real tire pressure i needed to get to. on the side of the tire it said max of 50 PSI. that seemed high. My guy told me 32. that seemed low. I went to my favorite gas station and they said 38. sure enough. left rear was low. then he told me to move up so he could check for a nail. yes, there was a nail. i was relieved. they pulled out the nail. my buddy who works there said he fixes 15 tires a day. said the streets are filled with nails. he said i hit it just right. so i have that going for me. i have a feeling i willed that nail. i think about a platy tire too often. i’m hoping this day will take it off my mind for a few weeks. i still often think about who i will call when my tire falls off. AAA or Audi care. i’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. unfortunately, i will probably think about the bridge up until then. we all have our fears. i’ve said it before, mine are flat tires. i don’t think i’ve ever had one. i like to think I’m more of a nail guy. many a nail. i’m basically driving a race car. if my tire falls off on the winding roads of Mulholland Drive i don’t think i need to worry about who I will be calling. I will go right off the cliff. You will read about why I crashed. No matter what you hear, I’m telling you now, it was a tire. thanks for your time. i love my readers. you are few but strong. kf out.