Just a few quick clicks. The Dalai Lama was chosen at two. Seems young. If you’re going to choose your leader wait till he has at least hit puberty or taken his SAT. He was also chosen because he was the baby that grabbed the toy belonging to the previous Lama. It’s that simple. Five babies were put in a sandbox with a bunch of toys. One of the toys belonged to the previous Lama. The babies in the box had all been born around the time the other Lama died. The baby that grabbed the toy was whisked away and that is the current Dalai Lama. I guess the chosen one sounds a little better than the abducted one. If that happened in America the amber alert would still be going. Be on the lookout for a rickshaw with two very peaceful bald men in orange robes and a baby playing with a wooden horse. I bet the mothers were all coaching the babies. Avoid the transformers and anything that looks like a lego.