turkey day looms. I’m Kirk Fox.

just a few thanksgiving tips. only sociopaths would eat a turkey sandwich today. avoid anyone you see eating one or thinking about ordering one. that might be enough for today. i hope everyone is doing well. i haven’t heard my fingers tap tap these keys in awhile. i’ve been working on my golf game. i have to remember to just put the club face on the ball. as long a I remember to simply hit forehands it should be fine.

kanye west is in a mental hospital. maybe he is really just tired. but either way i hope it gets back on track. i know it’s serious because Kim had to cancel a red carpet event. that’s some serious shit. my real thoughts on Kanye. if people pay money to see someone sing, that person better sing. they don’t go to a show to hear you talk. you’re a singer. not a talker. that’s all i got on this.

also, i got a haircut last week and i’m happy about it. i get a haircut once a year. unless i’m working ad they cut it for me. it’s fun to have short hair. what else can i tell the readers who swing by these posts. i still will never know if it’s just robots or people coming by. hopefully both.

i did comedy last night at the viper room in hollywood. i had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. it’s fun when you have an idea of something and then discover you were completely mistaken. most of the things we worry about in life never come into play. that’s why we must really live in the moment. let’s see what happens. people listened. they laughed. i was present and accounted for and didn’t seem to ever have to raise my voice. those that read my words know that my mission, work on being the same guy onstage as off. working on seamlessness. the microphone will do the projecting for me. alright, this has been kirk fox checking into the world. keep on keeping on. also, love something. and finally, if you get a chance, put someone’s needs before yours. you might surprise yourself. just like i was at the viper room last night.

also, i’m going back to detroit next week to tell a few jokes. my last trip there was with charlie sheen. i’m pretty sure this will be different. but once again. maybe i’m mistaken. it could be exactly the same. either way, i will go in smiling. kf

gobble gobble